Everything to protect your ideas.

Ideas are the very capital of business, for they are the key to innovative products and services, and thereby the key to your success on the market.

Intellectual property rights play a very significant role in this. Trademark rights, patents, design patent rights, copyright and competition law safeguard you against third parties. These rights are also valid in the expanse of the World Wide Web. So-called Online-Law– so-called because nominally the term does not exist – regulates all matters that particularly affect business in the virtual world.

To ensure that you can be sure that your idea enjoys the best protection possible, we accompany you from its development right up until it is ready for the market. This includes drawing up all relevant contracts, enforcing your claims against legal infringements, and securing your rights in the long term. At the same time, we protect you against false investment or infringements of existing property rights.

That is our idea of a successful partnership. Take a look for yourself and find out more about our individual services.