Personal rights and the right to one’s own picture.

The development of the internet, its social communities and evaluation forums, leads to an ever increasing spread of content and information about people and businesses. And so people, and not just those in the spotlight of public interest, quickly find themselves immortalised in picture galleries in which they would rather not be found. Such pictures are gladly used for other purposes without consent, e.g. for flyers for a discotheque or nightclub. The right to one’s own picture provides protection from the non-consensual reproduction and distribution of one’s image.

We assert injunctive relief and enforce any claim to compensation you may have in case of unauthorised use of your image. We also provide event managers in the run up to an event with guidance as to what the must pay attention to when taking photographs during an event.

Business owners and businesses also have personality rights. They can defend themselves against untrue assertions of facts. Regardless of whether false assertions about your business are made in the press or in an evaluation forum on the internet, we help you in removing the assertions as well as asserting injunctive relief and enforcing claims to compensation.