Preserving the power of the trademark.

Trademarks are the recognition feature of your goods and services. This makes them extremely valuable – and all the more in need of protection.
Following the birth of a trademark, an important step along the route to success is the development of a marketing strategy. Decisive in positioning is not only the How, but also the Where. Together, we develop the right strategy, and advise you how and where your trademark can obtain the best protection possible.

Before registration, we undertake a trademark investigation together with recognised service providers. This protects you from unpleasant overlaps.

With the registration of your trademark, you secure the rights for sole usage on the market and also your unique selling characteristic. Whether national, Europe-wide, or global, we advise and accompany you in all matters concerning trademark registration right up to the patent and trademark registration offices.

With new registrations of 73,903 trademarks in 2008 alone, the danger that one’s own trademark may be infringed is increasing. This makes trademark monitoring even more important. We effectively protect your trademark from usage by third parties.

In the case of a trademark infringement, we enforce your claims efficiently and quickly – if necessary in a court of law. In doing so, we naturally always keep an eye on the cost involved.

Should you yourself receive a cease-and-desist order due to a trademark infringement, we would conduct a thorough analysis and find an out-of-court solution with the trademark holder. This would, in many cases, avoid legal procedure and the unnecessary costs that would arise.