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China Desk

For several years now China has firmly assumed the role of one of Germany’s most important trading partners, while at the same time Germany regularly is China’s largest European trading partner.

With our China Desk we are positioning ourselves as the ideal partner for Chinese companies in the field of commercial legal protection and intellectual property. Our law firm consults both Chinese companies that have already settled or are looking to invest and settle in Germany. At the same time Boden Attorneys-at-law has a strong network of partners in China, which we can make use of, in order to support German companies aiming to expand into the Chinese market.

With our European-Chinese team, Boden Attorneys-at-law guarantees not only professional competence at the highest level, but also extensive language skills and an understanding of cultural subtleties and business rules. This enables us to offer German and Chinese companies ideal support in our consultancy fields.

In order to be able to offer comprehensive advice across disciplines and countries, we have a wide-ranging international network of partner law firms and are also connected with a wide variety of economic sectors.

China Desk Outbound:

“Made in Germany” is renowned as a quality feature worldwide.

Germany as a business location offers reliable infrastructure, a high quality of life, qualified workforce and a dynamic economic landscape characterized by both tradition and innovation.

The China Desk of Boden Attorneys-at-law accompanies Chinese companies during their market entry in Germany and helps them to create a favorable starting point in order to expand throughout Germany and Europe.

With its office in Düsseldorf, Boden Attorneys-at-law is located in an international city as a location bustling with innovative businesses, characterized by a variety of industries and excellent transport infrastructure.

China Desk Inbound:

As the second largest economy in the world, China is an important sales market and investment location for German companies. In cooperation with our local partners in China Boden Attoneys-at-law advises German companies that want to enter the Chinese market.

For this we offer the following services, among others:

– Initiation of negotiations and contact search
– Multilingual accompaniment and support of negotiations
– Registration of intellectual property rights

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