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Patents, design patents, trademark rights and copyrights, summarised under the umbrella-term of intellectual property rights, form the basis for a successful business concept. Strategic planning with foresight and protection of your intellectual property that is both accurately-timed and comprehensive are indispensible. Only so can you secure, and above all preserve, your decisive competitive advantage.
New types of media usage, in particular the internet, constantly pose new challenges for businesses. Especially in the online sector, business are threatened by a great number of dangers concerning the designation of products, general terms and conditions of business and required compulsory declarations that are relevant in terms of both competition law and media law, and which can also harbour the risk of cease-and-desist orders.

Our service
Our team of qualified specialist lawyers will assist you in all matters to do with the registration, defence and disposition of your intellectual property rights. We provide support from the development of an idea, through the process of putting together a customised, forward-looking portfolio of legal protection, to the disposition (sale, licence or franchise) of your intellectual rights. Our task is to defend your competitive innovations and to provide protection from unwarranted attacks by your competitors.

Your advantage
You will always have your own personal contact person, because we think that trust is the basis for a good working relationship. In order to protect you from unwelcome surprises, we offer you comprehensive cost transparency. To benefit our clients, we regularly improve our skills, thereby ensuring that our advice is always up to date.
We are also glad to come to you. In this way, you save time and we get to know your business better. We place great value on tailoring our guidance to suit your requirements as well as possible.

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