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The protection of intellectual property rights is of great importance for ensuring the success of a company. It is not only intellectual property that needs to be protected in order to secure competitive advantages. Topics such as data protection and contract law also play a fundamental role. Our lawyers advise you individually on various aspects of industrial property rights.

Whether you have questions regarding trademark or design protection, competition law, IT or copyright law: Reap the benefits of a personal point of contact who will deal with your legal matters in a preventive manner and provide you with reliable support and advice in the event of legal challenges!

our Philosophy:
solution-oriented consulting and transparency

We attach great importance to competence, commitment and experience. We ensure the provision of comprehensive advice with our consistent specialisation and continuous further training. In doing so, we focus on personal contact and, thanks to our direct communications, are here for you when you need us. We develop solutions in line with requirements and a full level of commitment. You can also rely on aspects such as cost transparency and a cross-border service.

With our office in Düsseldorf we are available not only locally, but also operate on a national and international level at the same time.

We uphold your rights and support you in the strategic planning of your intellectual property.

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The Consultancy fields of boden attorneys-at-law

Specialisation is the key to the provision of optimum support. Our specialist lawyers have acquired specific expertise and many years of experience in their specialist fields. If you have any questions on the following topics, you have come to the right place:

  • Trademark Rights
  • Design Rights
  • Competition Law
  • Data Protection Legislation
  • Copyright and Media Law
  • IT Law
  • Contract Law

In order to clarify the main areas of focus of our law firm, we go into the subject areas in more detail below.

Trademark rights

Trademark rights

A trademark can be of considerable value to a company. In order to protect it, a well thought-out plan of action and a meaningful strategy are needed. We are experts in trademark law and know exactly how you can comprehensively protect your trademark and use it profitably. We manage your trademark project and also take into account related areas of law, such as competition and anti-trust legislation. The registration of trademarks is just as much part of our law firm’s tasks as the out-of-court and in court representation of trademarks in conflicts, as well as the transfer and licensing of trademark rights.

Because trademark law is strongly influenced by specific national and international aspects, all legal matters require a maximum level of care.  We advise you on the opportunities for internationalising your trademark protection and develop the perfect solution for your requirements.

Design and design patent law

Design and design patent law

In addition to the trademark, the design of a product can be specifically protected by registration rights. If you would like to register and secure a design or design patent, we are the right people to contact. We process applications, monitor protection periods and develop efficient solutions to protect your creativity on the international stage against imitations.

You would like to defend yourself against attacks and need the support of a legal team? We are here for you and represent your interests in and out of court with respect to third parties.

Competition law

Competition law

Boden Attorneys-at-Law have already successfully dealt with numerous cases associated with competition law. In accordance with their experience, support for the client satisfies the highest requirements. It is irrelevant whether this relates to the correct marking of consumer goods, information obligations in the online shop or the defence against written warnings. Our range of services comprises warnings under competition law, the review and preparation of general terms and conditions, checks of labelling obligations and the Internet shop review.

As a result of their continual further training, our lawyers are extremely well informed about the latest requirements of German and European law. This relates, for example, to the law on fair trading practices and the so-called market conduct rules. We keep an eye on German and European standards in order to minimise competition risks for you and effectively enforce your claims.

Data protection legislation

Data protection legislation

Data protection in companies has so far been a neglected topic in many of these companies. With the new General Data Protection Regulation, companies will have to change their attitude to this topic. Operators of businesses who neglect data protection management risk substantial fines. However, the right form of data protection management can also bring competitive advantages and positively influence the image of a company.

We formulate company agreements under data protection law, assume important tasks as external data protection officers or explain essential measures for the protection of data.  With a data protection concept, we ensure that businesses in Germany and Europe comply with data protection regulations.

Copyright and media law

Copyright and media law

Copyright and media law regularly presents companies with new challenges. The unauthorised publication of image material or the unauthorised provision of media content, as well as legal consequences in the case of social media offers. The list of seemingly minor slip-ups that can turn into unpleasant problems is long.

This also includes action against untrue statements or statements that infringe personal rights in online and classical print media. Our specialist lawyers for copyright and media law answer all copyright and media-related questions, assist companies with the design of legally compliant media offerings and protect your personal rights and those of your company.


IT law

IT law

Information technology is subject to constant change, which creates difficulties with respect to the legal rules of the game. The multi-faceted influencing factors in this subject area make it almost impossible for companies to handle all legal subtleties in a professional manner. We are acquainted with the legal problems of the IT industry, which require extensive expertise as cross-cutting material in various fields of law.

With our experience you can prevent legal disputes before a court and the associated costs. We advise clients on e-commerce, matters of hardware, software and provider contracts – also on the international level – and supervise IT projects of all kinds.

Contract law

Contract law

Whether manufacturing industry, trade, an advertising agency, e-commerce start-up or producer: without contracts, various forms of cooperation, projects or sales would be inconceivable. Contracts regulate agreements in writing and provide the parties with the necessary degree of certainty which trusting partnerships require.

We formulate terms of use, general terms and conditions and contracts in a legally compliant manner so that you can concentrate on your business success. Furthermore, we draw up and review franchise, licensing, cooperation, know-how, framework supply and distribution agreements.



Your Rights in the best hands

Trust is the basis for a successful partnership. We would like to introduce ourselves so that you know who you are dealing with:

Martin Boden, LL.M.

Specialist Lawyer for Intellectual Property Rights, Copyright and Media Law in Düsseldorf

Martin Boden, LL.M. is a specialist lawyer for intellectual property rights, copyright and media law. He is also a certified data protection officer and data protection auditor. His Master of Laws (LL.M.) in Intellectual Property and Media Law makes Martin Boden an expert on the laws governing the press and right of expression in particular. Due to his special expertise as a data protection officer and data protection auditor, he is your competent advisor with regard to the implementation of the European General Data Protection Regulation.

In the field of competition law, Martin Boden advises advertising agencies and in particular companies from the field of e-commerce, especially in the drafting and review of national and international contracts for both suppliers and customers. He is also the author of numerous specialist publications and a public speaker.

Jan-Tilman Uhe

Jan-Tilman Uhe

Specialist in Intellectual Property Law

Attorney-at-Law Jan-Tilman Uhe is a specialist lawyer for intellectual property law and, as a specialist for competition law as well, an excellent consultant when it comes to legal hurdles in the field of e-commerce. Attorney-at-Law Jan-Tilman Uhe reviews virtual sales channels for legal weaknesses and creates needs-based terms and conditions in accordance with current legal requirements. The wide variety of mandatory requirements means that it is easy to fall into the trap of competition law warnings. If you have received an official warning, Attorney-at-Law Jan-Tilman Uhe checks its legality and works out an appropriate defence strategy together with you.

Even if your competitors do not comply with the law, he will take the necessary measures for you – out of court in the form of a warning letter or in court in legal proceedings – and support you in the assertion of your claims. The transparent clarification of methods, prospects of success and risks is equally a matter of course for Attorney-at-Law Jan-Tilman Uhe, as is the development of economic and interest-based solutions.

Our Network

Boden | Rechtsanwälte - Netzwerk

Specialisation in specific fields is associated with limitations on the consulting that can be provided. If you have any legal questions that lie beyond the limits of our expertise, you can take advantage of our worldwide network of specialist lawyers. We want to ensure that you receive the best possible service and therefore work exclusively with colleagues with whom we are acquainted personally and hold in high regard. Among other things, we are connected worldwide to trustworthy patent attorneys and lawyers who specialise in IP law via our network of the International Trademark Association (INTA).


Appointment representation

Boden | Rechtsanwälte - Terminvertretungen

In addition, we take over the representation of external lawyers in out-of-court disputes, at court hearings in Germany and in official proceedings before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) and the Office of the European Union for Intellectual Property (EUIPO).



Do you have questions about competition law? We are at your disposal. Whether you have received a warning letter or have to comply with legal requirements of the KosmetikVO – we are there for you!

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