Legal representation in partnership. You have many decisions to make in the day-to-day running of your business. The best possible legal advice gives you the certainty that your business dealings are being conducted well and correctly.

Whether you are a well-established businessman or just setting up your business, whether you conduct your business in the physical world or in virtual space, it goes without saying that every legal question is for us a completely individual matter. For us, integration in the ongoing processes of your business and finding pragmatic solutions that smoothly fit in with them is a matter of course.

Our goal: to give you good legal advice in all matters. We do so …

… personally.
Trust is the key to successful legal representation. That is why we cultivate a relationship with our clients based on partnership, and we highly value direct, rapid communication. To achieve this we make use of all means available, whether personal talks, telephone calls or mail contact.

… with complete commitment.
We make your goals our own, are fully committed to representing your interests with your success always in mind. That is how we are able to find solutions that remain down-to-earth while providing real impetus for your business. For although we work externally, we consider ourselves a part of your business, contributing to your commercial success.

… with a great deal of experience.
Consequential specialisation and continual expansion of our expertise enables us to represent you successfully, both in the physical world and in virtual space, on a company or on a private level. In areas where we are not ourselves experts, we turn to qualified network partners who further pursue your legal affairs on our behalf, just as we would.

… also across borders.
And that in two senses. For one, we are there for you on a local, national and international level. But we are also there to take care of the minor legal questions that may arise on a private level. We’ve all shared the same experience: an urgent business appointment has to be kept, and a red light is overlooked. We are there for you then, too.